• Fire Truck Rescue Simulator 3D

    April 20, 2016 arvdesign Ios
    Behold the most interesting Fire Truck Rescue Simulator 3D game of the year. Here in this fire truck game you will enjoy driving modern firefighter vehicle of 911 department. When on duty, A Fireman’s most important job is to save lives. We know firefighter’s job is the hardest job in the world. You always have to be ready to provide a quick response to save countless lives, well in this emergency rescue mission truck simulator game you have all the best Fire trucks from 911 Department to make that happen.
    Be it house fire or a commercial buildings disaster from electrical short circuiting or gas leaks, Even save little kitties from trees, Do your best to respond to these emergency rescue calls in time.
    Its time you become the a Fireman Super Hero and become the New York’s finest fire department. We assure you, that you have not played a game with such real graphics and captivating missions. If you are looking for a real life experience of Fireman’s life, Fire truck Rescue simulator is your game.
    So Hurry up, Pick-up your fire extinguishers, all your gears and fill your firetruck with water to make your city safe again. Moreover do a good job and become the best American Fire Fighter ever and reap the in game rewards. So don’t let the opportunity go! Let us suit up and go save people and their homes.
    Fire Truck Rescue Simulator 3D Features:
    > Realistic Graphics.
    > Challenging firefighter rescue missions added.
    > Firefighting Extinguisher added.
    > Smooth controls for Fire Truck driving.
    > Realistic fire smoke & water spray.