Monster Trucks Tug of War Sim


Growing up, you must have played tug of war. Assuming that you are a racing games fan, you must have played car or truck racing too. What if both of these games were to be combined in one crazy gameplay? Sounds sick? We bet it is!
Monster Truck – Offroad Tug of War is all about that. Get behind the wheels of some of the most outrageous and heavy duty trucks and go head to head with other trucks. Not just another action racing game, this truck simulator is the real test of strength, control and driving skills. Based on the simple pull mechanics, this truck simulator takes the experience of offroad driving to the next level.
Racing to endless tracks with preset controls is easy but when it comes to pulling another truck equal to your stature and power, only a few can pass. Forget about other racing or puzzle games like pinturillo, we are talking about some real action here. There’s no racing around, no overtake or dodging other vehicles – this is the monster tug of war and you have to stay put and display maximum grit and strength to win it all. Sounds easy? Wait till you get behind the wheels and face a crazy monster truck that is equally big and powerful. It’s the ultimate pull and only the strongest of them all will stay.
Featuring some of the most amazing monster trucks, this tug of war simulator has a variety of challenging levels. Each game environment has stunning graphics and real time settings so that you can completely immerse yourself in the thrilling offroad experience. Each vehicle packs different features – from engine capacity to brake controls, wheel stability to physical outlook, every truck has something for everyone. The catch is, you can unlock advanced trucks with better features and specs once you successfully complete the game milestones.
Get your hands on your favorite monster truck and show how it’s done! Avoid getting into the faily brakes situation so that you stay in control when you’re pulled with heavy force from your opponent. Don’t let your favorite monster fall or slip off the track while you’re at it. Remember, your rival is at par with you and it will take more than your driving and pinturillo puzzle solving skills to defeat them. Get controls of your brakes and race, pull with all of your strength to show who the real crazy monster is!
If you enjoy tug of war and love big trucks like the mud runner, this game is for you. There are other monster truck drivers who are contesting to be the champion of the pull league but only one can claim the throne! Line up your top performing monster truck, pull with all your strength and skill and rise to become the one in a zillion monster truck tug of war ruler.
Monster Truck – Offroad Tug of War packs the following key features:
> A plethora of cool monster trucks to pick the one that resonates with you the best.
> A number of thrilling pull challenges.
> Smooth and intuitive game controls based on real truck mechanics and physics.
> Ultimate pull league to go head to head with your “frenemies”.
> Engaging gameplay and amazing graphics for an immersive wipeout games experience.
> Stunning offroad setting.
> 100% free to download and play – no in-app purchases.
How to play Monster Truck – Offroad Tug of War:
> Pick your favorite monster truck
> Choose the game mode and select the level
> Pick an offroad track
> Get ready to pull!
Though the idea of puling a truck in a tug of war situation sounds really simple but the real fun begins when you can actually feel that you’re being pulled by a heavy duty monster truck. It’s the test of grit, driving skills, strength and strategy. You surely have solved stimulating puzzles in other truck games or might have tried your hands on the popular pinturillo challenges but this is one of a kind gaming experience is hard to come by. Don’t believe us? Try Monster Truck – Offroad Tug of War and see yourself!
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