Bike Rider - Racing Fever Sim

Bike Rider – Racing Fever Sim

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Time to put on your helmets and driving gear for a thrilling motorcycle racing experience with Moto Dash Speed Simulator! This realistic race simulation game is the ultimate riders’ dream and lets you experience the rush of real-time racing. Ride your way through an amazing biking environment, life-like roads, and quash challenges like an expert rider. Speed up with state-of-the-art motorbikes and dodge vehicles in heavy traffic rush time.
Featuring some of the most thrilling heavy bikes with the amazing 3D engine, this racing motorcycle simulator is the real test of your racing skills where you can experience real-life highway driving experience. Imagine yourself racing and drifting at your maximum speed at the scenic roads of Los Angeles, Moscow, Istanbul, and other cityscapes. You can take up any challenge that you like and upgrade the bike specifications to complete the challenge. You can also play in drag racing challenge mode and enjoy real-time multiplayer racing to compete against other challengers and opponents in the Moto GP championship.
While this speed simulator is full of an adrenaline rush, it also demands you to be vigilant to the limits of speed and traffic rules as you’re driving in heavy traffic. Sure, you can enjoy multiple simulations and drive on endless highway roads but you should be watchful of all the safety measures and traffic rules. Remember, safety first, you don’t want the police chasing you on the highway while you set out for an exciting hunter challenge.
You can also play this motorcycle racing game in extreme road simulation mode and set a combo target to earn rewards and points to unlock new bike features and map updates. You can ride your favorite motorcycles on challenging maps for an advanced real-time racing experience. The smooth and easy controls, realistic and brilliant 3D graphics and life-like imagery in this Speed Moto Dash simulator is nothing like you have seen or experienced in other racing games, it’s the next level of drag racing where the control of driving your high-speed motorbike on loaded highways is in the palm of your hands! Download Moto Dash Speed Simulator today for free and get set for some Vroom Vroom!


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